laetitia djaja


I dream to be insightful, but that's for you to judge.

Photograph by Samuel Xu

Pinterest writing prompts bore me after a while.

I stare at the glowed letter keys that spell QWERTY.

When will I satisfy my ears with their clatter?

And my screen with words that might just make sense?


Filmmakers have the luxury to break the fourth wall.

Writers just shift into second-person. Oh well.

Do me a favour and start these sentences

With, “Do I have to write about,”


·       Romance just because it’s easier to reach the non-poetic audience with heartfelt cheese?

·       Soul beats because Tom Misch serenades my ears instead of Grande’s buzz?

·       Taking production roles in student theatre because I don’t have chiselled cheeks and pink undertones?

·       The non-existent blurred line that people stand on when they don’t agree on marriage equality, but only voice their NO’s in private votes?

·       Saying “climate change” because “global warming” reminds us of the damage we’ve done to our planet?

·       A wrathful online article in response to stuck-up editors and H&Rs who drink dirty chai to complement their grins as their gel nails tap away rejection emails?


I shouldn’t have to.

You won’t care if I don’t.

You still may not even if I do.

But you might enjoy how I care about:


·       Stories that fuel the gleam in my grandfather’s eyes when he looks at grandmother’s smile, even after fifty years of marriage.

·       Underappreciated modal interchanges used to broaden simple blues to a rainbow of melodic hues.

·       Hardworking ethics that seep deeper into my blood than simply from the norms of Chinese culture.

·       Love that includes respect, for the right to disagree with this world’s view without judgement.

·       Sustainable changes that may blossom hope if rooted on better collective attitude.

·       Pressure that continues to create when combining brush with canvas, graphite with paper, and creativity with perseverance.


Laetitia wants more greenery in her creative space, to bombard her brain with an abundance of oxygen.