LAETITIA DJAJA - co-founder, head of media

Laetitia wants more oxygen to bombard her brain.

ELENA KISSEL - co-founder

Your local whistleblower enthusiast. She loves anyone who exposes those who misuse power.

BETH LEE - co-founder

Beth really loves her dogs.

CHARLIE LEMPRIERE - co-founder, music expert

Can play a G-chord on a guitar. Wants to learn more chords. Wants a pair of cords.

ISABEL LIM - co-founder, international operations

Isabel is Singaporean Chinese who doesn't speak Chinese. She is a small ripe banana.

AMELIA MANSELL - co-founder

Amelia is an introvert with strong nostalgic tendencies. Don't question it.

DANA MITCHELL - co-founder, resident agony aunt

You know the mum friend in your group, Dana is her estranged sister.

CLAIRE NA - co-founder

Claire has too many plants in her bedroom. She keeps buying more. It's becoming a problem.

ALISON TEALBY - co-founder

Alison likes monsters and small towns.


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